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When I was little I asked my dad what he wanted for his birthday. He replied "a crate of guinness and a bunny girl". It was a quite a few years until I understood why my mum hit him.
I am fed up with Bill Gates talking about vaccines and I am never going to listen to him or believe a thing he says ever again.

Apparently I've got nerd immunity.
If he was knocked down cold, it must have been a black n decker.
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I was sitting having breakfast last week. TV was on, but I was busy on the PC, so wasn't really listening, Just picking up the odd word here and there. Didn't have the hearing aids in. There was an article about a female director who was paid a £469 million dividend, but I wasn't paying much attention. then curiosity got the better of me and I asked my wife what kind of business she was involved in. What I heard was..... an on-line decking company. I was doing some drawings on the PC but thinking, "ffs!! how can an online decking company generate so much money that the director gets £469 million??" then the TV conversation turned to discussing how the money was made, based on the misery of others?? I was thinking "Misery?? I really like decking. very therapeutic" Then the conversation turned to people who are addicted. "What??? addicted to decking!!" then the penny dropped...was an on-line betting company. Kept me amused all day!
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