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Camberwell Carrot
11 Dec 2017
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My wife has requested that I make a set of coffee, tea, sugar containers to replace the perfectly good shop bought ceramic ones that are currently in use. While giving this a good thinking about it occured to me that keeping humidity out and occasionally cleaning them might prove troublesome. The current ones have a rubber seal on the lid that works well for the humidity.
I had a look on the internet for examples of wooden versions and there is almost nothing, which may be a clue!
I'm confident enough to make good tight joints and I considered coating the inside with epoxy but will that work? The only other way would be to find a liner and build the box around it.
Thoughts please.
I'd stay with what you have. Fresh coffee should ideally be kept in a cool and dark air-tight container, so I cannot see a wooden solution being the way forward.
For the last ?? years I've kept my ground coffee in a metal screw-top container in the fridge and I'm happy with the taste.

How about building something nice and decorative to house the ceramic ones you are currently using. A container within a container 😊😊
That did cross my mind but they are already quite heavy and an odd oval shape.
I would buy some metal cannisters with lids - there seems to be quite a selection on Ebay - then turn outer parts in wood to fit. Or you could just line the wood with an adhesive metal foil of sorts- pewter, aluminium, brass, as they used to do with the old tea caddies.
I keep a few days worth of coffee beans in an elm container, lined with a cut down coke can. Most 330 ml cans - coke, beer etc are 63mm diameter, so a 3 inch spindle can get you a thin walled pot just about big enough. The lid has a step then a tapered push fit bit.

If you are going a bit bigger, jam jars or coffee tins (nescafe Azera, Kenco, or similar, c. 70mm diameter, might be a good place to start. If it's box making not turning how about a multi faceted one to fit round a fancy honey jar, I think Rowse ones are 12 sided with vertical sides not tapered.


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OK, thanks for the ideas. I'll explore the metal inserts suggestion. I was 50/50 on whether to make a box or a turned container and I was probably going to go with a box just because it would be easier to make 3 that were alike. Turning tends to throw in surprises in terms of 'design features'.

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