What are you really bad at?


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24 Aug 2008
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Essex/ Suffolk border
I mean, really really bad at.

I bet no-one else here had their new wife nudge them at the altar during their wedding and say "stop singing, you're spoiling it for the guests". I'm so bad at singing that I sound dreadful, even to myself, whilst singing in the shower. I make Jeremy Hardy sound like Caruso.

Estimating how long jobs will take. Boy, I'm useless at that. Building site/ renovation work, I've been known to be a day out with an estimate after a single day. I am currently five and a half years into a two year job. Guessing the length of time to produce drawings, particularly when I worked in a commercial practice, was also a joke. I've said 3 weeks and it's been 3 months, and I've said 3 months and it's taken 3 weeks. They gave up asking me.

So, what are you completely and utterly useless at?
Remembering peoples names. I can remember all sorts of useless stuff without trying but just don’t remember people’s names.
Making a decision to buy something new. New hoover tool 18 months to pick one.
Anything that involves technology.

I can't program the DVD, no interest. Post photos on a forum. And according to my wife and children anything to do with mobile phones.

Haha Mike - the singing one resonates with me ;-)

I am under the strictest of instructions from SWMBO that I am to mime any songs when we are at family weddings / funerals etc. Every now and then I'll join in for a laugh and you should see the faces of folk turning round thinking "who the hell" is that bad :)
Drawing. Even my matchstick men don't look right.
Woodwork & technical drawing. I was kicked out of class for being so bad at both & haven't improved much since. One neighbour can't believe that it's possible to be as bad as me.
Hand planing and chiseling :D :D :D
If the power goes off, thats me done. =D> =D> =D> =D> 8)

Oh, and remembering what the missus has just told me. :roll:
I asked my wife, and there is quite a list, apparently.

I don't finish jobs properly - that final tidying, perfecting, etc - a tendency to say "that's good enough", and on to the next thing. I am not, in any way, a perfectionist. It often shows.
Routine work, however if left undone long enough it becomes a project. Then I'm happy to get on with it.
Robbo3":1wslw4cg said:
Drawing. Even my matchstick men don't look right.........

I was regularly ridiculed during our university life drawing classes, and then accused of cheating when I produced a hand-drawn perspective image of a street scene in another class. Fluid shapes, faces, and so on, I am pretty poor, but I often draw pretty decent perspective drawings of clients' properties and projects live in front of them, and often upside down for them to see. "Loosen up" was what they said in life drawing classes, and that's the precise opposite of what I'm good at, drawing wise.
Life ... people ... coping with the incredible pace of technological change ... freehand drawing ... estimating ...

Blimey. All those ring some very loud bells!

Languages. I can cope with English (just about) and I'm fairly fluent in Workshop Esperanto, but any others just elude any attempt I make to become even slightly proficient.
Finishing the last 2% of a job.

Showers in, baths not leaking, tiles sorted. A year later I get around to doing the pipework boxing.

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