Water (and other things) Divining


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It was in my yoof, experimenting with mind altering substances. In this case psilocybin. Apparently the usual dosage is a handful of the mushrooms, I took Shaman level of about half a kg.
Full visual hallucinations body and mind in complete separation.
I've no idea how or why this sort of imagery is locked up in our brains
Try reading here
https://www.psychologytoday.com/gb/...2005/psychedelics-and-the-out-body-experiencehttps://www.psychologytoday.com/gb/...ut-body-experiences-mine-is-finally-explainedMuch of what is being described by the subjects is the same experience i had. I think it best you read it rather than rely upon my rather fantastical tale. Plus they've more eloquence than me in their description.
“an experience in which you seem to perceive the world from a location outside the physical body”

Very very strange and tbh a bit frightening. For me i felt my consciousness leave my physical self* and travel upwards, through the solid walls of the house ever upwards. The space bit was the weird bit as you seem to view the planets off to the side of you(in my case to the left of me) and as we know the astronomical distances between the planets, the perception is that you are moving at tremendous speeds.

The visuals of geometry and fractals were bizarre, and it didnt matter if i had my eyes open or closed(Closed was actually more intense) This was about 30 years back and most of the experience is lost, but some of it is still clear and still so out of this world' its left me feeling theres ore going on in humans,nature and the universe than we'll ever understand only to say we are connected to it.

*Cant state this enough. There only appeared to be my mind in the experience, my body and the sensations of it were completely gone. It started off as a vibration in my legs, and traveled throughout into my torso, arms, head even my lips,ears and nose seemed to be connected with this sensation, but gradually the sensation though still strong throughout me seemed less important and my mind seemed to come to the fore.

Lordy, geometry and fractals, fancy that. We were having a chat about mushrooms and stuff today whilst looking at some drawings of 15th. century things.
You also have to dig and see if you have actually found something you were expecting - not just any old bit of medieval pottery or a ring pull!
Also ask how is it that metal detectorists are so successful, considering that dowsing has been going on (supposedly) from the year dot.
I'd put my money on these two any day. Dowsers wouldn't get a look in!

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Don't think they would do much good with non metallic stuff though but I am happy that I can find what I am looking for if others want to do it differently they are welcome.
I can see why you might think that Pete, but not a lot of metal in underground water, and that’s what Dowsers usually look for. Ian

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