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This also seems a good deal with the plunge base. I already have a plunge with the big router but it might still be useful. It's something which isn't available on the smaller DeWalt one.
Word of warning on the plunge bases for the Katsu and Makita trim routers; I needed an accurate plunge action for a one off project for which the small routers seemed best option. Having both corded and battery Makita trim routers I went for the Katsu option as it is considerably cheaper than the Makita version only to return it without using it as the slack on the columns was awful so I returned it (to Amazon ) and lashed out for the Makita version, considerably more expensive and without included extras as per the Katsu. The Makita, although better finished than the Katsu was not noticeably better in regard to the play on the plunge columns. Absolute disappointment, to put it mildly - I've had Elu and then de walt routers since the 70s and never had an issue with this - even the 1/4'' elu (mf96?) which I still have, though don't use is on it's last legs still has indiscernible play in the columns. I ended up using the de walt 621. What I learnt from that is if your need is for a good plunge router then buy a dedicated plunge router, the trim type routers are super tools for what they are but nothing more.
The Makita, although better finished than the Katsu was not noticeably better in regard to the play on the plunge columns
I find on the Bosch I need to keep someform of lube on the colombs otherwise they are a little reluctant to let the spring return them, certainly nothing loose.
I have the katsu when purchased came with loads of the accessories for my use have found no real problems and it was cheap compared to other options.
Anyone with experience of the Metabo FM 500-6? Seems to be one of the cheaper ones that doesn't look so obviously a Makita clone (Draper, Von Hous, Rutland, Katsu, Erbauer all look the same from the outside)
I wouldn't even look there. It IS a Makita clone. Just not of the best Makita but of one of their inferior models (it doesn't have speed control).

The Makita RT is the most versatile, their value pack will all the bases (except for the offset base) is the best value you can buy in this category. Just pay attention to which one is for you, the RT0700 or the RT0702 (the 02 has a protection against accidental restart, which causes issues with the router table swicthes).

I realise my post is late, but for what it's worth, I bought the DeWalt D26204K 1/4" Router kit (with fixed and plunge bases, fences and case, etc) from a certain Devon-based tool shop some years ago. It wasn't cheap then, either, compared with other makes. But I have been very pleased with its performance and accuracy.

I am late as well but another vote for the dewalt, absolute pleasure to use. I temporarily had a katsu and hated it although most people seem to really like them,
Yep another late Makita vote here,

If your invested in the Makita battery platform then the battery version is a no brainer.
The full kit comes with the trim router, the plunge base, the offset base and I think an adjustable angled base -
search for the DRT50ZJX3 kit

Its plenty powerful enough for the sort of tasks that require a trim router such as hinges, trimming and rounding over edges. I used to avoid the plug in large router in favour of other methods, but the battery trim router has become a go to tool and its surprising how often it comes out in one form or another.

Its also surprising how quickly small bespoke template/jigs can be knocked up with some mdf off cuts and a little mitre mate for more complex uses, this has reduced errors for me and of course allows for perfect small quantity repeatability.

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