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12 May 2013
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I have the startrite TA145 and have re-furbished it to a happy state.

I bough a brand new ripping blade straight away but immediately found the blade would slow to a stop. It would also start to chatter causing the blade to deviate and dig in to the side of timber, leaving annoying gouges.

I changed to a finer cut blade with about 60 teeth and found it to be considerably better. However it still chatters about if i try and cut anything to quickly. An example would be ripping some 38mm untreated carcassing - probably the softest timber i would ever cut and it still slows the blade enough to make it chatter and even stop spinning.

From all the reviews and advice everyone says this is a solid saw with a powerful motor - what am i doing wrong?
How many capacitors does the motor have, I’m asking as sometimes motors have been swapped. Hopefully you will say two. If you do, it’s highly likely that the run capacitor needs replacing /or it’s lost connection.
Hi Deema,

Im not sure honestly, i will have a look tonight and see what i can figure out.

Thanks for the response!