Startrite bandsaw ?

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25 Aug 2008
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A few years back I bought a Startrite 352E bandsaw direct from Record Power. It's an educational version as it was a return from a school. Anyway I need a table insert so contacted SawsUk. Told them mine needs an oval insert and they told me it's not a real Startrite but an import ?

It's this one

So did I buy a real Startrite ? besides I still need an insert, anyone know where I can get one ?
Could try these guys, Phil or Lee might help you.
I'd personally be looking to make one from aluminium, as the thin plastic is delicate
and if left in the sun, might be untrustworthy and dangerous in time.

There is another company selling startrite stuff, but I think it might be for the older machines.
search for @JimmyStartrite's posts.

I bought a 352E direct from Startrite about 12 years ago. It is exactly the same as the review above. The machine is of Chinese manufacture and I'm very pleased with it.
The insert is not an oval [more technically an ellipse], but a rectangle with semi-circular ends exactly as in the link images. So if yours is the same you have a genuine machine.
Why not make an insert out of polycarbonate or another shatter resistant plastic, or even ply/mdf.
If you want something genuine then contact Record Power directly or try Scott and Sergeant [Machines4Wood] who I've had a few bits off previously at a fair price.
You may also want to source a couple of no original manufacture drive belts before the sizes get worn off them as they are expensive.

BB unfortunately that is an import badged tagged and shipped off the back of reputable brand name like so much British engineering.
I think before the brand disappeared altogether they were made by the same factory that make the iTech stuff sold by Scott&Sargent. They're supposed to be reasonably good, from what I've heard.
Why not make an insert out of polycarbonate or another shatter resistant plastic, or even ply/mdf.

I used a bit of phenolic ply to nake inserts for my kity. I did 4 all at the same time because its quick and easy the spares dont take up much room......