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18 Jun 2020
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I am looking to buy a small orbital hand sander. I already have the standard 125mm (5") disc size one. I am looking for an orbital sander which has a smaller disc size. Anybody use one for the smaller jobs? Size / make? If so would be pleased to hear.

Many thanks.
If you want a true orbital sander you'll be looking at the "mouse" things. Personally I've always found them underwhelming.

Mention of 5" discs suggests a random orbit sander (i.e. the disc rotates as well as moves in circles). I'm not aware of any smaller but admit I haven't looked. Perhaps the likes of Proxxon or Dremel make one.

Generally I would suggest one of the oscillating multitools with either a delta or finger sanding pad.
Awwww, that Metabo so cute 😍 🤧 💖
They're a pretty decent tool for something with such a small disc. Although it's just glass filled nylon the body feels more robust than a typical DIY tool. Variable speed and a dust port on the tail end too.

Note that these are made for 80mm discs but since I like abranet I sometimes put Mirka 75mm discs on mine with a 75mm interface pad to protect the edges of the 80mm backing pad.

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