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18 Jun 2020
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What Face Mask do you use? I have a small workshop used mainly for woodwork, size approx. 8ft x 13ft. I am a DIY person--not in the workshop all the time. I have a bandsaw and a belt & disc sander plus hand sanders. Yet to buy a quality face mask for sawdust protection. What would be my options for a quality face mask?
I have a big problem anything attached to my head or face -masks hats safety hats etc . The best I have used for the longest time is the trend 1/2 mask . It’s lightweight and not too uncomfortable and definitely keeps the crud out used it when gutting a house a while back so plaster , dust , old insulation etc.. I’ve used it while using my makita belt sander so worth a look ..imo
I use the GVS SPR501, about £20-30 free from screwfix depending if on sale. It uses replaceable filters which encourages me to change them more frequently.

I find it comfortable to wear with no noticeable restriction so can use it even when working hard. It can build up moisture inside that will then drip out the front air valve, I wondered why I had rain drops in my shed when it happened first time.

I have a short beard and the straps are strong enough to give a good seal. If I’ve not trimmed for a good while there is some air ingress at the edges, but likely true with any mask.

Masks are the cheapest I've ever known atm. I brought 10 ffp3 from the car boot for 50p. Quality masks as well. Global manufacturing glut I guess.
In the OPs situation I would be tempted to look at an ambient air filter / cleaner to pull suspended dust out of the air, and use P3 disposable dust masks when you need them.

I have the GVS and Trend Stealth masks, also the sundstrom half mask. All are ok to good, all hurt my nose after 30-60 minutes wear. Disposables aren't as good but are much lighter and more comfortable. Just try different ones and see what you like.
A workshop air filter of the right size will clean the air in your shed in 6-10 minutes so you can use the mask for a short time while sawing or sanding and then take it off.