Plywood supplies in/to BA11 area?

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There is an Arnold Lavers in Bristol and a Lathams I think. Lavers are normally pretty good on sheet stuff. Try Timbmet as well.

the quality is pretty good - good finish and hardwood all the way through - but not as stable as birch ply
👍 I'll be using most of it for roofing replacement on a long lean-to (approx. 26ft length x 5ft 6"~9" w) and for the workshop roof - pitch change. The offcuts for replacement work benches- flip top etc., due to limitations of the workshop. From what you've described sounds like it'll be fit for purpose - after appropriate treatment 🙂
I'll check FABS out for the ply. Free delivery is a bonus for sure. Had to delay the job for the ply due to the weather we've been having... wet, wet, wet. Could only store in the house - misses would object 😉
what I like about FABS is their service. if you're looking around in the yard, within a minute or two someone will ask if you need a hand with anything. their prices are good too and you can get a discount without opening a trade account. I always go to them first