Does Size Really Matter ? DeWalt DWE 7485 210 mm or DWE 7492 250mm

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7 Jan 2024
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Hello all , I am looking for some advice please and that is apart from the most obvious difference is it really worth buying the larger machine ?

I just dont have the room in my workshop for a normal cast iron table saw as much as I would like one, I already have a cheap 200 euro table saw in my garage and its as wonky as hell and its really only good for rough cutting down there. I also have my own 600 x 500 mm Router Workstation table

Up in my house workshop ( I live on the side of a small mountain, sloped land/many steps etc) which I have nearly finished building I have room for a high quality small site type saw perhaps one of the above I have mentioned or its variants or if you know of a small cast iron machine please shout.

However is there any real reason to go for a 10 inch saw over a 8 inch saw when I am only ever likely to cut wood less than a piece of 4 "x 2 " .
I dont need a construction saw for large timber at all, most wood I will cut is likely to be 0.5 x 4, 1 x 4 ,2 x 3 or plywood sheeting, table top, acrylic or similar thicknesses of other materials in fact a lot of it will be frames that I will be making for Laserwork items such as 3D laser maps, topographical maps and similar and some small cabinet work I want to try

What I do need is a very accurate saw with a very good fence that I can use a sledge on with jigs for minimalistic picture frames, modern finger boxes and the different types of box making that you can do with a good table saw.

I realise a table sledge will reduce my overall cutting height ,Ill probably use half inch ply (if that) for the base and it wont be more than 2 foot wide.

I just dont know what size saw blade of these two or an alternative to go for so looking for advise on this please , Mywork is mainly for myself, friends, family and the odd person who really must be odd to buy them,...😄.

Examples below of what I am looking to do.

I am open to advice, suggestions, alternatives and the occasional bit of ritualistic abuse 😄 Many thanks Neil
Photos below of what I would like to use the saw for

My opinion would be based on the fact that decent blades are quite difficult to get in the 216mm/8" size as it's always been a size for site workers and hobbyists, whereas they are plentiful in the 250mm/10" size as these are used in the woodworking industry. Decent saw blades make all the difference to the end product so having a large range to choose from so that you can find the ideal blade with the correct geometry for whatever you're undertaking is very beneficial. For example, Scott and Sargent have 5 blades to choose from in the 216mm size, if you write off the very expensive PCD blade that's £300 you're left with 4 blades of reasonable quality with various tooth counts, whilst in the 250mm size group there are 38 different blades, even if you write off the most obscure and unapplicable ones you're left with 32 blades, and this is common across all vendors.
For what it's worth, what stood out for me stepping up from a very basic table saw to a DeWalt jobsite saw was the quality of the fence. Also how easy blade angle and height was to adjust, and how much better the dust extraction was. I've not once been concerned about the blade diameter. There's better I'm sure, but for the price I think the DeWalt DWE 7485 is a cracker. I'll get rid of mine at some point but not because I want better but rather that I find myself reaching for a handsaw when in the past I thought a table saw was the right way to go.
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Hmmm. In a table saw you only need one blade

Depending on what you're doing you may need several, I certainly do. Rip, Crosscut, Fine Crosscut, Veneered Panel, Melamine Faced Chipboard, etc... It's all to do with the level of finish you want, sure you can use a medium crosscut for pretty much everything but it will also be pretty rubbish at everything.
My point is that if you’ve got the choice between 8” and 10”, 10” is the better option because there is a far greater selection of blades of much higher quality than what you will find for 8”.

I really don’t see what’s so hard to understand about that.
My point is that as long as you can get the blade(s) you want the 8" is fine and a lot cheaper.

This discussion reminds me of Fairy dishwashing fluid adverts that used to bang on about the hundreds of dishes you could wash with one bowl. My issue was that I rarely washed more than 20-30 items a time, so the extra capacity was unnecessary.

If you only need one blade, 17 options is 16 too many. Lots of options is only "better" if you want lots of different blades for different applications.

May I suggest The Tyranny of Choice as relevant reading.
My point is that the 8” blades are a total false economy, most are made by subpar manufacturers and are disposable items. Most 10” blades are considered an industrial item with exception to the usual rubbish from the likes of Trend, you end up with a much higher quality blade that makes all the difference to the cut quality of your saw. Yes, you don’t need 60 blades and that’s not my point, it’s that you will struggle to find the more specialist blades required to make the best cuts in the 8” size where they are plentiful in 10”.
I don’t know why you’ve linked this as this still proves my point about being it being difficult to get decent blades in the 200-216 size, in the 200mm size with West Country there’s only 17 blades to chose from with 8 of them being no good, in the 250mm size there’s over 60 blades.
I linked it because you said to the op there was difficulty getting blades and I've shown there isnt. Rip,fine, crosscut,faced are all there. But I think the OP is looking for a reasonable quality fine blade of which the ones shown are of good quality CMT make good tooling. Always have.

Ats to trend being not up to it, you do know trend also make production tooling. My dewalt mitre saw has a trend 80t production blade in it that normally retails at over 150 quid.

Perhjaps the OP should have been more specific. Does he want triple chip, alternative top bevel,flat top grind,multi purpose, tri grind,left trim grind, right trim grind,solid surface grind or 30 degree high angle ATB.
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I linked it because you said to the op there was difficulty getting blades and I've shown there isnt. Rip,fine, crosscut,faced are all there. But I think the OP is looking for a reasonable quality fine blade of which the ones shown are of good quality CMT make good tooling. Always have.

My point is that it’s still much less of a selection, and you can’t get the higher quality CMT blades, only the low end ones as 8” is a size that’s generally been aimed towards site users and hobbyists.

Trend are by far the worst manufacturer of anything, as a matter of fact they don’t manufacture anything, it’s all bought in from other manufacturers and the price inflated massively.
I know Axminster do two small cast iron top saws, an 8" and 10" versions. But don't know how you'd get it to spain!

If you are going to use a sled or jigs, then 10" would be my preference.
Well Axminster ship to the US and it’s quick and relatively inexpensive, I was very pleasantly surprised.
Don’t know about Spanish electricity though!
Also really good website you can set to different denominations for payment, I shipped to the US and paid in £’s.
Another suggestion for OP is to look for a used DeWalt DWE745, which is an older model and has a 10" blade and all the benefits of the fence etc.
The only thing it doesn't have is a long enough arbor for a dado set, if that bothers you.
I picked one up recently for £200 in good order, and they regularly go for sub-£300.