Surely a huge gap in the market?

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Go backwards and look at the Elu powertools of the 70's and 80's.
Long before Festool they sold market leading gear with an extensive range of accessories.
I think you’ll find Festool pre-dates Elu by 3 years Festo/Festool 1925 & Elu/Elumatec 1928 both are still trading though the power tool range of Elu was sold off to Black & Decker in 1992.
Neither company initially started making hand held power tools Festool started in the 50’s & Elu in the 60’s.

Probably 1/2 the sizes to be machined, but pretty accurate as it goes, and maybe ideal for machining individual components if you break them all out first.
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The routers and circ saws would invert under a cast alloy table with cast alloy fence and tubular legs (Festool CMT anyone ?)
I presume you mean the CMS as the CMT is an extractor? The CMS was discontinued a good few years ago I believe due to EU legislation though they can still be bought second hand if anyone should want one .


Be interesting to see how this compares to the original I used to own ?

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With increasingly small properties and with more apartments, it is unsurprising that many simply do not have the space for a separate workshop - I know some will even use a spare bedroom.

The combination machine could be a solution to the space problem. To be a success it needs to be much quieter (induction motor, sound insulation) and incorporate integrated dust extraction.

To do both of these may be an engineering too far - but flats and terraced properties which are typically smaller with neighbours close make up nearly 50% of UK housing stock.
Buy a Triton TPL180 (on offer at 50% off at Yandles) and utilise it for a jointer/surface planer. 7"/180mm width. That's 1 covered. 9kg in weight...

Make a unit to house it, add a sprung safety 'cover' and you're good to go at £149:99. I posted a thread with the link for it a few days ago.