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24 Jan 2024
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Somerset, uk
Hello new member here
I've noticed the blade on my table saw isn't sitting straight on the x axis (couple of mm out see pics) and wondered if anyone has any advice on how to re allign it. I can't see to find a mechanism for doing this. Will this be machine specific or do table saws have a generic way of doing this?

I've checked the manual and looked on the forums

Many thanks

I have sold my TS4010 now, but possibly the attached guidance on refitting the main arbour may help. Basically as I recall, the arbour sits (in two bearings) seated in a frame and the frame is bolted to the main chassis. The blade should be aligned with the riving knife as described, and then everything else should be aligned to the blade ie the sliding table and the fence.

The attachment came from NMA who as main Scheppach agents have provided me with excellent back up service over many years - I am sure they would help if you need more advice.



  • To change the shaft TS4010.pdf
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As well as the alignment with the riving knife as I have described, the other thing to check is that the arbour is actually running true - for this you need a dial indicator at one end (your pictures just show that the blade is not square to part of the chassis and it is not clear if that is actually a problem).

On my TS4010, the arbour suddenly developed a wobble - I replaced the bearings but on close inspection, the arbour itself had some runout - I ended up replacing the arbour which was supplied with new bearings (and hence the instructions from NMA).


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