What is a NUTOOL BS260 bandsaw blade length


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8 Apr 2024
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Hello everyone
I have just purchased what I thought looked like a decent and robust band saw second hand, I seem to purchase tools that do not have owners manuals available.

My most recent purchase is a Nutool BS260 band saw built in 2002, everything runs fine, but I haven't even cracked the case yet to clean it, and I'm already starting to regret purchasing it.

I can not find anything anywhere even online that tells me what the stock blade length and gauge is that should be used on this machine.

Does anyone know what the stock blade length and gauge should be, or does any one have a manual for this machine that tells the specifications.

Can anyone point me to where I could also get the rubber tires for this machine.

It blows my mind that this could be / designed to be a throw away machine due to parts not being avaiable, talk about planned obsolescence!

Incidently this machine looks very similar to the record power BS250

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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I don't have one but I'll offer this calculator. Plug in the wheel diameters and distance between the centres of the shafts and it will give you the blade length. https://www.blocklayer.com/band-saweng The speeds in the calculator won't change the outcome of the blade length. Gauge/thickness of the blades won't have much of a range for a machine that size so you take what you can find and you should be okay. Don't get metal cutting blades as they will be too thick.

If you can't locate a manual finding a similar machine of a different brand will have an almost identical manual. They are usually made in one factory and the colours and badging put on to suit the seller.

Others will come along with UK sources of bandsaw tires.