Router bit too large for insert plate

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@Sachakins @sometimewoodworker I dont have a table saw unfortunately. I'm a bit limited on space and also very new to this, so trying to be careful with what tools I do buy and get the most of out of them. So I may get one further down the line if I can see myself using it lots (and then working out which one is a whole other quagmire)
Hi stephenharris. I have the same model Katsu router as you. The tool is much more versatile and easier to use when grooving edges and faces when the plunge base is used. Have a look at the Aim Tools web site.
Screenshot (57).png
I would suspect it is actually like this..

Can you find one "like this" that is the 50mm diameter that he quotes (and 7/32" wide)? Or is it possible that one of you has mistaken 50mm and 32mm?
@Mickjay I do, and it does, but it's the table plate that the bit won't fit through.

And as you mention, there is still the issue with the router not being powerful enough.
Ah, I misunderstood, I thought it was the base of the router itself that was too small!

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