Router Bit for French style Mouldings

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You had a pop at Pete, which i felt was unfair, than at me because i replied in a non aggressive way and even included a bit of humour. But you didnt like that, you took that as a personal attack hence your sarcastic posting.

You really are thin skinned arent you.
Gents I have no problem with people having other ideas or reservations about what I suggest. There are so many ways to skin a cat with pros or cons to each. I have two other suggestions that might be more acceptable to your safe working practices.

First, still with the table saw is to mark the shape wanted onto the end of the stock (wider than needed). Then position the fence and blade height to remove some of the waste by ripping. Step over the width of the blade and adjust the blade height a touch and make the next cut. Repeat as many times as you need to rough the cove shape. Now you can flip it to the back/flat side and rip to width. The remaining steps can be removed by shaping with hand tools (scrapers, planes, sandpaper). The saw is used with all the guards in place, push sticks and feather boards if you like.

Second method is to use the router table with a cove or ball nose bit as with the table saw above. Care has to be exercised to present the work in a way that doesn't self feed. Done right there is very little cleanup and avoids the cost and use of big router bits which have their own hazards.

Better? 🙂
Another method of making coving that I won't be using.

Just a warning if you haven't watched ENCurtis before, he is quite wordy making even your average American Youtuber seem brief and to the point!

For some reason I find his videos strangely engaging.