Old Clarke bandsaw mitre gauge


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Paul Strickland

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25 Jun 2020
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West Berkshire
Hi there, I've just acquired an old Clarke CBS12WV bandsaw (from 1998 I believe). The mitre guage is with it, but the guide bar that it screws to has obviously gone missing at sone point in the past and been replaced with a badly fitting strip of steel. I've spoken to Clarkes about a replacement but they no longer do the parts. Does anyone know if a different gauge and guide would fit, or where I might find spares.

Does the Clarke have the standard size mitre slot that would take a 3/8" x 3/4" bar? If so look for an aftermarket bar sold for sleds and jigs.
An example, you'll have to source something nearer to you. https://www.leevalley.com/en-ca/shop/to ... lider-bars
You could also get a bar and fit it to the protractor too. Metal suppliers should have cold rolled (silver steel I think you call it) bar stock that comes in that size and many others.
Also if it is a standard slot a mitre gauge from a table saw will likely fit. I think I have five or so from table saws that fit my bandsaw.

What size is it? I may have stumbled across an old one yesterday that has no further use to me.... if it fits, you can have it.
I used a length of oak plained to fit on one band saw miter gauge.

Racers":10vu69y7 said:
I used a length of oak plained to fit on one band saw miter gauge.

+1 or a piece of the right thickness SRBP ( Tufnol ) works exceptionally well and is easy enough to work to a really good fit.

Just another thought. Do you mean that the steel bar is loose in the slot? If that's the case then there are ways of tightening that up using a hammer, punch and a fine file.
Thanks for the input guys. It’s literally just a piece of bar steel. The slot is just over 16mm, the bar about 13.5mm. The guide slots are deeper at the edges. I’ve been packing it out with strips of plastic, but it’s not very reliable.... It’s a lot better now that i’ve put a washer in to stop the protractor fixing screw poking through the bottom :)