Burgess / Powerline BBS-20 bandsaw - Blade 'Roller' and new Blade Guide needed


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2 Oct 2022
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Manchester, UK
Hello, I have just acquired a 'Powerline' branded Bandsaw, it appears to be a Mk.I. One thing I have noticed is missing is the adjustable blade 'roller', the plastic drum roller and screw that helps to keep the blade in the guide and stops it moving too far forward. The blade guide slot is also badly worn and could do with being replaced. Could somebody please post a picture of the disassembled guide roller so I can see how it's constructed, or give me a guide on what thread size the roller bolt is? Can I obtain spare parts like this from anywhere? If anyone has a the blade guide and 'roller' assemblies for sale, I'm interested. I want to restore this old machine and use it for projects.
Prob be easier to get a junker for parts.
look on Facebook / gumtree….won’t cost to much as they are on the cheaper end of the market…generic….
plus contact Southampton tool spares Etc…..
They helped me out a couple of times….
Is there anything in the images that look the same:

IMG_20220722_0857162~2.jpg IMG_20220722_0857319.jpg

IMG_20220722_0858496~2.jpg IMG_20220722_0859509~2.jpg

There is a guy on YouTube , who has renovated one. So this will give you some pointers, as to what the bits look like. And possibly what pieces you could improvise out of readily available components
We had one of these at the college where I worked,, many moons ago , and it was the bane of my life. The blade was forever coming off, and I was the only one who could make it run properly - at least for a moment or two
The blade guide and 'roller' appear to be little more than M5 bolts and knurled nuts with a slotted tube as a guide for the blade and a plastic tube as a 'roller'. I could probably fabricate something as a replacement with some shims and washers. I got it for nothing so it doesn't owe me anything. I've seen the JW videos on Youtube so I have an idea of what I need. Thanks guys.
Sorry to mess you about it is not where I thought it should be give me a few days I am full of cold at the moment and patience is a bit thin.

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