Record Power BS350S Bandsaw Modifications - Part 1: Blade Guide Upgrade Using Rikon Tool-Less Kit

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I hope you are not directing this offer at me. If you want to sell the upper guide, why not list it in the For Sale forum instead of this thread?
No, not directed at you MikeK. I will list it in the For Sale forum but I thought the people reading this thread would probably be those looking for an upgrade to a RP300/350.
I just had a set of the Rikon guides shipped to me from Highland wood working in the US. The delivery via FedEx was quicker than most UK deliveries from a UK supplier.
The top guides installation was straightforward, initially did not pickup on shortening the blade guard, wondering why I had lost 4 inches of cutting capacity.
When I tightened the lower guides to the L bracket, the guides are no longer sitting square. The frame looks ok. And I would have said the bracket was square. Might just shim one edge to kick it upright.

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