Record Power BS350S Bandsaw Modifications - Part 5: Base Replacement

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9 Apr 2017
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I made several modifications to my Record Power BS350S bandsaw and documented them here in case anyone with a similar bandsaw was interested.

Here are the modifications I made so far. I’ll update the list below with links to the other threads as I add them::

1. Upgrade upper and lower blade guides with the Rikon tool-less kit made for the Rikon 10-324 and 10-325 bandsaws.
2. Add an electrical outlet to the upper frame so I can power the magnetic base LED lamp.
3. Add blade shroud to improve dust collection.
4. Rip Fence Upgrade
5. Replace the stock wheeled base with a sturdy cabinet with drawers, locking casters, and push handle.


Anyone with a Record Power bandsaw mounted on the OEM mobility base might agree that it is not very good and becomes less mobile over time. I had lots of plywood and hardware left over from other projects, or canceled projects, so I built this base mostly with what I had on hand. The only items I bought specifically for this bandsaw base were the drawer pulls, two more dual-locking casters, and the pipe clamps for the handle. I knew I could improve on the Record Power base and would add what I hope will be plenty of storage.

Here is the Record Power Mobility Base in all it's glory. The casters are already collapsing, and the feet drag on the floor when the base is elevated for moving. Imagine metal fingernails on a tile blackboard.


The base is disassembled and ready for the recycling bin.

I started with my design in SketchUp using 18mm plywood for the carcass, 15mm plywood for the drawer sides and faces, and 12mm plywood for the drawer bottoms. The overall external dimension of the carcass when looking at the drawers is 800mm wide, 648mm deep, and 413mm high. The total height with the casters is 540mm, which is the same height as the Record Power base.

The drawers are the same size and are attached to the carcass with full-extension slides. The external measurements of the drawers are 600mm deep, 347mm wide, and 172mm high. The face adds an additional 15mm to the front of the drawer.

This view from SketchUp shows the base without the casters. The faces for the left upper and lower drawers are removed and the lower drawer is partially extended to show some detail.


I designed this base so the carcass sides, middle partition, and back were load bearing panels between the top and bottom plates. All joints for the base carcass are attached with Titebond II glue and 4.5x50mm Spax countersunk screws. I built this before I bought my Festool Domino, and I am confident the Domino would have made assembly easier and faster as it has with later projects.

All joints for the drawer carcass are attached with Titebond II glue and 18-gauge (1-inch) brad nails. The drawer face is attached to the drawer carcass with four 3.5x20mm Spax countersunk screws, as well as the M4 screw that attaches the drawer pull.

Each drawer is attached to the base carcass with a pair of 600mm full-extension slides. I think the slides are rated for 100 pounds each, but I doubt I will ever come close to finding out.
This is the completed base. Since it is shop equipment and not intended to be confused with fine furniture, I didn't put much effort into the exterior finish and didn't do anything to the drawer interiors.

The dual locking casters prevent the bandsaw from moving during normal use. I can push on the table with enough force to eventually tip it over and the casters will not slide. This is more force than anyone would ever use.


I used a section of 3/4-inch thinwall conduit for the handle. The conduit is attached to the base carcass with six pipe clamps. I prefer to move the bandsaw using the handle rather than grab it by the table.


These are views of the back and other side of the base.


Just had a look through all the posts. Really good work. I really like the dust extraction and base.
Your workshop is disturbingly tidy :D

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