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18 Dec 2019
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Hi everyone, my old Record 8" bandsaw is finally giving up the ghost, so I'm looking at buying at buying a replacement. I narrowed it down to a choice of 3. The Record Sabre 250. The Metabo 261 and the Lumberjack 254. After watching interminable videos on YT I'm leaning towards the Record Power and I thought I'd ask more knowledgeable people their thoughts on these 3 machines. Do you own one, what's good and bad about them and would you buy them again. I will add that I'm not a pro woodworker, I dont have room for a big floorstanding model and I won't want to resaw 12 planks even if I could get them in my garage workshop. Your experiences would be welcome.. John
Ive had a Sabre 250 for a few months, cannot complain really its v.good; the tables dead flat and the fence is accurate (just); the fence could squared up with shims if it's not bang on out the box . It does everything I need it to and dont require anything bigger; which is often suggested. Would advise to remove the perspex safety cover around the blade/bearings as this cover hinders vision to align rollers properly. As for dust collection I have no idea as I dont have a Hoover attached. Cannot compare to anything as this is my first; but it cuts square and true and quiet running.
TBH I'd save the money. Then look to have an ebay sell off of anything not nailed down, and buy a bigger saw. 127mm depth of cut is not very much.
@Johnwa have you also considered the Axminster AW1950B?

Barring the shorter warranty it appears to have a similar if not better spec' in some areas than the Sabre.

It's around £50 less and comes with a stand if that's a consideration too.

I don't have one but it popped up a few weeks on one of my feeds, albeit it seems to be a backorder at the moment which might be important to you.

There might be some owners on here that have it and opted for same over those you mention and can comment on performance and wisdom of choice. Having used one, there's nothing to loudly bemoan about the Sabre at all if it fits your needs as it's a very popular machine based on what other members of this forum also say.
Hi Puggers, yes I did look at the Axminster bandsaw but as you say it is on back order so I discounted it. As I'm in no great rush I think I'll hold fire on the purchase and hope the prices don't rise too much in the meantime. I'm a bit surprised that there have been no comments on the Metabo, I thought they were quite popular machines!

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