record power BDS 250 drive belt

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7 Jul 2023
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chertsey uk
I have a record power bds 250 disc/belt sander 10" discX 6" belt. Great machine but cannot find where to buy the ribbed main drive belt. The smaller Record power bds150 drive belt is easy to find but no BDS 250. Please don't advise using the BDS150 drive belt as it don't fit, as I found out. thank you
If you have the old broken belt it helps, but don't worry if not. Companies like simply bearings (I'm sure you will get other suggestions) will supply drive belts by size and type rather than machine brand. Find them via Power transmission - belts menu. If you don't have the old belt to measure you can do it with string, I think there are instructions on their website somewhere.
thank you . I did try them and got the correct length, no of teeth and pitch but when it arrived the thickness of the ridges was different slightly and it didn't fit
Who knew? it isn't on record power web for sale but rang them direct-no problem they have BDS 250 timing belt
code SBDS 250- ST @ £27 inc delivery
job done