Record Power DP16B Drill Press - Pulley system (Nut)

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2 Dec 2020
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Cheshire, England
Hi all,

I have a Record Power DP16B Drill Press.

I’m after a special socket that fits the nut in the drive pulley at the top of the drill press (where you adjust the speed).

The problem arisen when I’ve been drilling specific jobs to find the drill stops rotating. Overtime the nut on the pulley comes loose, sometimes comes completely loose and causes the pulley to come out triggering the safety switch.

It’s when drilling, I may be not applying enough torque, but not realising this until I carry out the drilling.

The nut for this drive pulley fits a 24 mm hex socket. Fitting a socket of 24 mm size can’t be fitted inside the pulley.

Does anyone know how this 24 mm nut can be tightened? Could anyone please provide a link to a special socket for this 24 mm nut for the drill press drive pulley?

Any help would be appreciated!
A Box Spanner perhaps....?"
  • Size 24 x 25mm Length 150mm (6 in)
  • Double ended box spanners are thinner than a socket and are much longer so that they can be used to loosen or tighten bolts and nuts in narrow recesses, meaning that they are often used in plumbing maintenance and automotive repair. This tubular box spanner is made from bright plated steel and able to accommodate a tommy bar