Centauro 400 SSP Bandsaw (does anyone have a manual!)


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Never read of dust being so problematic on the upper wheel, that it required a brush like on the lower wheel, not sure if it would be fesable without faff.
Good practice to clean them and the blade if covered in resin from say pitch pine or whatever, whichever way you like, presuming you know that, sucking eggs and all that, so
I'm guessing either the brush is needing adjustment, or it's simply the goo from whatever
rubber like compound the lower tire is made of, should it be perishing and getting tacky.
I'm sure the heat helps this too.
along with the tackiness I'd also speculate the camber is squished as mentioned in the manual
insufficient convexity of flywheel ring seal.

Who knows when or what might happen to that tire at any time, and if not now then when it's very cold it could crack, though I know nothing about rubber or rubber like compounds, nor read of much threads where someone was keeping an eye on it before a "catastrophic tyre failure" happened, but that quote will give you one occurrence.

1 It's normal to replace both if old, and likely frowned upon if someone replaced only the one.
Should you see a machine throwing them off on YT, like on that knifemaker fella with the blu max tires, I think you won't be too disgruntled about it.

2 Can we see what you have to work with, there are options I guess,
for instance might be worth looking at the old Laguna LT16 for some inspiration from the Yankees, should nothing standard be to your liking.
There's quite a few 400mm to 450 sized machines which the lower guides might be more compact.

3 I was going to make one, but seeing as there's so many accounts of folks having good results
winging it, seems not worth the bother, and a rabbit hole of speculation.
If I had loadsa saws I would, and document a proper ping test,
should it be possible to get a good note from every saw, there's a sweet spot on my machine
somewhere around the bottom of the upper flywheel on the column side, as the white finger test looks very variable to me.

4 I was getting smoother running from my old belt, and was running it looseish.
Changed to a newer one of the same spec, it was too short.
The chassis behind is not a reference for the wheel, see my great plonking thread regarding that,
(my motor bearings went crunchy in less than 2 seconds.)

I've since made a mounting plate what's adjustable to try and eliminate this,
Got a slightly longer belt this time, seemed to run a bit rough TBH
Very slowly I proceeded to test whilst tensioning.
Since I've got my table off again, I went back to have a look...
The roughness I was trying to eliminate since was due to the belt, which is only now evident that
the joint isn't perfectly aligned.
You might be able make out I have adjusted the mounting plate on two axis to try eliminate vibrations.
Be interested to read up more on this, should folks have an opinion about v belts?


Hopefully you get time to document this a little more.
@Jameshow is getting a very similar machine this week hopefully. (fingers crossed matey!)
So hopefully ye can compare, or glean from some things, if done slightly differently.

Once again I'd love to read up on v belts a bit more,
should there be some useful archives.