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18 Mar 2019
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Hi Guys and Gals.

I am in the market for a new bandsaw. I have limited space so will have to be a bench mount one and at least 10 inch throat (and not more).

I mainly make guitars, so a bandsaw is indispensable. The maximum thickness I envisage cutting is 95mm but mostly 70 for neck blanks and 50ish for bodies. Hardwoods.

I am torn between the Record Power BS250 and the Lumberjack BS254. Both fill my needs regarding material thickness to cut and both in my budget.

The Lumberjack has a more powerful motor than the Record Power (375 watt V 250 watt) and the Lumberjack has 2 speeds (400/800ms V 740ms). The Record power though is £40 cheaper.

I have seen some videos on both bandsaws, cutting thick hardwood and both seem to cope albeit the Record power struggled a bit more. I would of course upgrade the blades to Tuffsaws

Record power seems to have a better reputation than Lumberjack, but the reviews I have seen on lumberjack do seem favourable - it looks like capable on doing what I need.

ummm, what to do. advice and comments please.
Lumberjack has always struck me as generic Chinese, what's the guarantee period and after sales backup like? From personal experience, I've found Record's service backup excellent and 3 year guarantee as well.
The 2 speeds are irrelevant. the other one is for cutting metal.
I never heard of a lumberjack bandsaw :shock:
I have a lumberjack router table as a second string unit, and a Record Power 350 bandsaw, as much as I like the Lumberjack product it is not a patch on the build quality of the Record Power bandsaw, I can't really comment on the Lumberjack bandsaw itself, but as above they do tend to be a bit on the budget side.
I also should add, the max depth of cut is 150mm on the lumberjack, 120mm on the RP.

The 2 speed function caught my eye for the possibility of metal cutting, I am still mulling over that function.

Thanks for the replies thus far.
Metal cutting with the right blade is a good thing to have, but it wont be over about 5mm thick on either of them.
I have the Record Power BS250 and it's a pretty solid machine. Dust extraction is not great but I don't think I have owned a bandsaw where the dust extraction was great.

LumberJack seems to me generic tools rebranded like Clarke. LumberJack customer service is 10/10 though. Very nice company to deal with.
I have a record power bandsaw and a few other bits of kit and have always received fantastic customer service whenever I had a query or an issue.

Some design decisions they make are abit questionable but on the whole they are solid machines. I have seen a lumberjack bandsaw in the flesh so to speak and it seemed fine and had a built in light. If I had to pick one I'd go for the record just for the service and guarantee.

Oh and get a tuffsaws blade.
I've the Lumberjack band saw that you're looking at and use it for exactly the same purposes. The fence is rubbish when I clamp it down to do ripping of Uke/guitar sides it locks slightly off square and no matter what I do it won't behave. So now looking at the Kreg bandsaw fence system which is another £120, in all it will have cost me the best part of £500 with new blades so I would've been better off buying a new or used higher spec/quality model for the money I've forked out.

If you accept that they are very similar machines, both will be of asian origin then the 3 year warranty from Record and the better fence would swing the deal their way. Having a light like the Lumberjack is very useful but just get a magnetic base LED one and that is then usable anywhere you need light.

Whatever saw you buy do not try and use the blades that are supplied, you will be disapointed. My BS400 cut awful and I spent a lot of time looking at various setup methods but the biggest inmprovement was fitting a blade from Tuff saws. If you are cutting a lot of ply then the M42 blades will give better service, but the guy running the show will offer all the advice you need. Tuff Saws
If I were buying a band saw (I own a Record Power One )I would buy this
Adjustable speed, 100mm dust port and most important is has 3 bearing guides above and below the cast iron table. On the wheeled base.

•Steel and cast iron construction.
•Table size: 548 x 400 mm.
•Height of Table: 520 mm.
•Patented dual tilt table -17º to +45º.
•Triple blade guards above and below table.
•Accepts blades 3 – 19 mm.
•Quick blade tension release.
•Suction connection piece Ø: 100mm.
•Speed: 370 – 750 rpm.
•Weight approx: 69.0 Kg.
•Motor: 230v – 0.8 kW (1.1 hp).
I don't think the two saws above are really up to the job.

I have two of them and the practical limit would be 2" thick timber above that and they start to struggle.

The sheppach one above has 500w more power.

I'd look at something bigger tbh.

Cheers James

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