10" bandsaw - Record or Charnwood?


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I have made an adaptor for my new Axminster 1950 dust port by heating {heat gun} a suitable rainwater fitting and pushing it over the outlet. Fortunately my 50mm hose pushes in the other side with two layers of duct tape. About £2.50p.

I found a fitting my brother made that was with a gnat's crotchet the right size for the saw's spigot (a wrap of draught excluder tape and it fits like a glove) - other end tapers down and fits to my normal hose that drives all the workshop dust extraction. How effective dust extraction is with the new machine remains to be seen - the pipework/blast-gate is pretty close to the Record dust extractor so here's hoping.
Late to the conversation, but I reckon you will have made a wise choice Rob.
It was my first bandsaw way back, upgraded to a sabre 350 when they were released, for increased throat / resaw capacity. The only issue I had with the BS250 was the power of the motor. It occasionally stalled when i was being greedy with the cuts. The rest of the time - it was a great machine - enjoy.
I have the 250 been good cutting oak etc must use good blades I use tuff saw
Yeah, got one of those too. Its a pretty good saw as it goes.
I took the entire upper guide assembly off mine, it pretty much takes it from 120mm to 168mm depth of cut.
As long as you use a sharp blade and don't force the cut, it works very well, and that extra depth makes it a lot more versatile.

At that i used it to rip 160mm hard maple, which it handled no problem.
In fact, I reckon if i took off the cast iron table, and replaced it with something thinner(just for deep ripping jobs) something like a polyurethane chopping board, I could increase that by a further 12mm
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