Lumberjack PT330H-1 vs Axminster AP330ST Thicknesser…

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16 Jan 2024
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Curious if anyone can give me their thoughts on spiral/helical Thicknesser choice..

Am looking between

- Axminster AP330ST (Shinko DH330 / Carbatec TH BX330P on other continents).
- Lumberjack PT330H-1 true Helical thicknesser.

I believe both are brushed motors and 1800kW vs 1500kW

Am curious to know how Lumberjack have seemingly taken a bog standard thicknesser that is probs more or less the same as any Charnwood/Draper/Scheppach/Triton etc and sourced a true helical cutter for it?!

While Jet, Shinko, Axminster etc all now seem to have gone for spiral style cutters as their new products now rather than true helical ones… Presumably this is to hit a price point..

But still, how have Lumberjack managed to come up with a helical one at £100 ish cheaper…

I have obvs seen a good number of posts that say that true helical will probs be a tad better than the Axminster “spiral” cutter..

Interested to know how common sizes of cutter blades for helical spare blades are and if I would be shooting myself in the foot buying Lumberjack.

I also landed on the choice between these 2 as it's also slightly rare to find a 100mm dust outlet as standard. I have a beast of a Axminster Cyclone extractor already and even adapters aren't cheap these days so appreciate a 100mm port being included as standard.