Looking for advice on replacing door stoppers


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13 Feb 2019
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I am looking to replace a few doors and improve the look of the door stoppers (1) shown in the photo. The current stoppers are made of pine, but over time, knots and other artifacts have bled through the paint. I don't think sanding and repainting will solve the issue, so I want to replace them completely.

I only want to replace the stoppers (1) and architraves (2), not the frames. I've looked in Wickes, but the stock they have is pine with lots of knots, which would lead to the same problem in a few years.
I'm considering using MDF as the best material for the stoppers, but I haven't found ready-made MDF stoppers sold separately from the frames.

One option I'm considering is getting a full sheet of MDF (2400x1200) and cutting it into strips of the appropriate size. However, handling a large and heavy sheet might be challenging.

Are there any better options available?
- It would appear that I should be able to purchase ready made MDF architraves (2), but I could not find (reasonably priced) battens to use for stoppers (1).

One option I'm considering is getting a full sheet of MDF (2400x1200) and cutting it into strips...

On this theme, what about buying a piece of MDF skirting (e.g. Wickes 252515 as that looks closest you the existing one) and cutting both the architrave and 'stoppers' from it? Solves the handling issue.
Hello @ChaiLatte

It seems like a promising option.

With MDF skirting the cost increases significantly compared to using a single MDF sheet after the second door.
I performed some calculations using CutList Optimizer, and for three doors (just the stoppers), I would require one MDF skirting priced at £38 and half a sheet of MDF priced at £20.

Unfortunately, I would not be able to use the chamfered part of the skirting for the architraves because I require a different molding profile.

On the other hand, purchasing one full sheet of MDF for £36 would provide me with all the necessary materials for stoppers of three doors, as well as a large MDF off-cut that can be used for future projects. Not sure how many days of back pain I will have to pay for this option though.

This comparison exercise was interesting, and I appreciate your suggestion. Thank you very much.
Trust me, it would be much easier to properly prepare and paint the existing architrave and door stop. After all, you are going to have to prep and paint the replacement mdf anyhow. Just sand the existing stuff and use a knot stopper and Isopon filler to make good.
Hello @TomGW,

Thank you for the suggestion.

In my case, the existing door stops and architraves will have to be removed, so I will have to paint regardless.
The replacement doors are thicker, requiring a different size door stop, and I am certain that removing the existing stops would cause irreparable damage to them. Additionally, the plan is to replace the architraves with a different molding profile.

Also, I have had a negative experience with knot stoppers (if you are referring to Knotting Solution), so I would prefer to completely avoid knots rather than rely on the effectiveness of the knotting solution.

Out of curiosity, which version of Isopon filler would you recommend? I have never used body fillers on wood before, but I have heard positive things about them in the past.

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