Lifting heavy Planer/Thicknesser up 3 flights of stairs

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AS you are in Berlin then you should have no trouble hiring a stair sack truck. The firt time I ever saw one was when I moved into a a haus in Mitte. the furniture guy turned up with this motorsied sack truck with with sets of rotating wheel that basically climbed the stairs for you all you needed to do was balance it all

try here they are in Pankow
Thanks droogs,
Thats really useful to know will keep that contact in my archive.

I've decided to hold out on the the big jet 310 for the moment until we find ourselves on a ground floor.

the big exspense of a new machine and hucking it up 3 flights of stairs made me pretty nervous when I should feel excited about a new machine.

I've since decided to get the dewalt dw33 thicknesser for the extra width capacity and delegate the hc260 as a dedicated jointer for the moment.

Thanks all for your thoughts it was most helpful.
thanks for the tip @MusicMan yes im curious to see how it performs I bought it after seeing all the glowing reviews on here.

shame dedicated jointers (not a combo) seem to be hard to come by here in Europe as opposed to the states.
The jointer on my EB 260 isn't perfect but will have to do the job for now and maybe needs a little tuning