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17 Aug 2021
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Perhaps you highly intelligent folk can help me make up my mind. I want a thicknesser and a jointer and I can't decide which is the best option:

Cheapest, and least space usage:
Thicknesser (probably Metabo DH330) and use router table (which I already have) as jointer. I just don't know whether a router table will do a good enough job of giving me nicely flat edges

Al-in-one alternative:
Combo planer/jointer (Metabo HC260C. Bulky (workshop is not small but not huge) and fiddly to change from one to t'other.

DH330 thicknesser and a separate jointer. Least compromise, but highest cost. And I don;t seem to be able to find a decent home/hobby jointer. It seems to go from cheap and really flimsy (Silverline etc) straight to semi pro. I'd be grateful for any recommendations, but that's what pushes me to one of the other options.

Thanks for your thoughts
If space and cost are issues then a thicknesser is the best option. Using a sled the thicknesser can be both planer and thicknesser.
How to make a planer sled | Flatten Large Boards - YouTube
Planer thicknesser combos are out there but the cheaper models will be a bit of a let down.
Thicknessers are usually 12 or 13 inches wide. A jointer or a combo machine that wide will be big bucks.
A router table could edge joint (with the right fence) up to perhaps 2 inch/50mm as cutters are only so long.
I have a 150mm jointer as well as the thicknesser but for wide boards I do need a sled at times.
Combi looks best bet by far though I know nothing about that model. May not be that fiddly to swap over and you get to work around it. Likely to be smaller footprint than separates.
Router table the worst
I can recommend any of the HC260's whatever their parentage. Changing from P (or J if you prefer) to T is very easy, it takes no more than 15secs, maybe a bit more if you're positioning the dust collection hood.
Frequently available on the S/H market.
Cast iron is worth it for planer thicknessers, look on ebay Kity, Scheppach, Record power all make decent cast iron bed 260mm planer/ thicknessers.
Out of your options the Metabo is what I would choose (second hand, they used to be called Electra Beckum but its the same machine).
You might find a bargain on a Startrite, Multico etc.

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The axminsters ones are of a decent price also, my dealings with Axminster have all been good also, they are usually pretty helpful over the phone.

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