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I have the 2012NB. I previously had a Triton thicknesser but the annoying snipe was wasting wood and I couldn't do anything about it. The Makita is beautifully built in comparison, and the very minor snipe, head lock, depth stop and adjustment are great features. The extraction hood has a 50mm exit but it works efficiently for me given that I don't normally get anywhere near 3mm maximum depth of cut. I've tested it at 3mm but only up to 120mm width on softwood. I'm not sure that the extraction hood could cope with the volume of waste from a heavy cut and a larger width board. Somehow I doubt it.
It costs a bit more, but the head lock and manufacturing quality makes up for it IMHO
I guess the quality explains the difference in price. That's why I tend to go for equipment from the likes of dewalt, makita, milwaukee. Love to be able to afford festool but I'm only a bodger not a pro.
I've the Triton tpt125 and have little trouble with it. Get a bit of snipe but seems only if I allow the length of wood to lift up/be pushed down on entering the front roller. There are ways to eliminate as shown in some YouTube videos.

My only regret is that (as far as I'm aware) you have to use replacement blades and can't replace the cutter block with a spiral cutter block - one of those with X number of square cutter blades that you can rotate if damaged... and they also give a better finish.

I've also a small workshop area: 11'4"" by 7'4" internal. I'll be building some flip top units so I can mount my lathe and the planner so they can be flipped to give me a flat worktop when they aren't in use. YouTube has helped to give ideas. If you're placing whichever planner you decide on, under your pillar drill there's a guy designed a flip out unit to use for his rather than a flip over.
The only downside to the Makita as far as I can see is the price.

Saw a you tube video where the guy had a problem with the knives and wood chips getting underneath and distorting them. But the DH330 is around £200 cheaper
I've not had any issues like this so far, maybe I've not used it regularly enough to get any problems. I've always had my compressor air blow gun to hand to blast out the chips on every few passes
With regards to the snipe, I was milling boards for some alcove shelving I built, lengths up to 2.2m I mounted the planer to my miter saw stand (Evolution 800B) set the rollers above the planer bed height, this stopped any snipe.

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