Why do we get such a limited choice of planers/machines in the UK?


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I think the answer generally (as mentioned in passing above) is that there are less and less people doing diy/woodworking etc, so the market is small.
In the US it appears that people still do a fair bit (although I could be wrong).

I built a kitcar many years ago and have watched as the kitcar market got less and less as people stopped being interested in working on cars. yes there were a few other factors such as the IVA roadworthy test being expensive, but even production car mods have lessened. I don't see or a hear of a lot of people working on their own cars anymore, kids (I was one of them) grew up tinkering and fixing to keep their car going. Now kids buy cars on finance and have better cars than me. Heck most people struggle to change a tyre let alone change a CV joint.

Perhaps since lockdown happened more people are returning to doing manual things? I think a lot of people are now bored with modern life. Buying a new phone isn't the amazing fun experience apple wants you to believe it is, so perhaps people will start to return to being able to put up a shelf by themselves?!

If the people return you will see an increase in tools available again.