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Nice job. Did you use profile and scribe machining for the panels or just apply them with slips. ? Is it all MRMDF ?

All the beads went in after so no scribes.

A lot of it is MRMDF but anything like the pipe casings or the bench that had edges on show that might get damaged are solid wood.
A wall panelling job I just finished, it's to create a 'snug' area in a kitchen. There are still some picture lights etc to go up and radiator to fit but that's not my department.

Sorry photos are not great, I didn't realise how hard it is to photograph dark coloured rooms!

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Posh pipe casing, this and other bits are easily removeable for pipe access, stop tap behind the little door at the bottom.

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Wasn't sure how to finish the coving but think this return worked well.

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Vents for a small radiator under the seating.

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I think it turned out rather well :)
Looks great Wher did you get the top cornice from please

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