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15 Mar 2020
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As part of my pantry build we added a nice big radiator to our kitchen. This minor change to the kitchen meant moving a folding table out of the way, removing the convenient surface.

I had a small slab of live edge oak that I had intended to make a console table from and we agreed that this would make a nice shelving unit above the radiator. I planned for it to be very simple painted MDF with 3 cubbies for drawer boxes.

tempImagejPC9Cm.png tempImageB04Let.png tempImageAoUIcY.png

We decided on Rubio Monocoat Cotton White for the finish, which was super quick/easy to apply. Probably not a perfect finish, but we're super pleased with how it came out. Forgive the paint job on the wall, kitchen redecoration is imminent and we wanted to get a coat on behind the radiator before it was fitted.

Next job was to create some drawer boxes for the cubbies. I decided that I wanted to try my hand at dovetails, and I have a couple of small oak boards that seemed perfect for the task. Unfortunately only enough for two boxes, but either I can leave the middle cubby open, or source some more wood 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Setting out my dovetail positions took a lot longer than expected, but my first attempt was successful, albeit pretty gappy, but that's what you'd expect.


Each successive attempt saw marked improvement, until by the end of 5 corners, I had really rather passable joints. 5 corners you ask? But there are 4 corners in a square?


This did not please me, but it's a mistake everybody makes at some point I'm sure. Better to learn it early I guess 😂.

tempImageg5fpfN.png tempImageARIzwE.png

tempImage8r7lTZ.png tempImageBdzqq1.png tempImageahFGRe.png

I used Osmo Poly-x for the finish. Pretty happy with how it turned out for a first attempt. The next one will hopefully be much tighter 👌🏼.