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Patient goes to drs.

I have terrible diarrhoea, oh dear how long have you had it?

Since I removed my cycling clips the patient replied!
The story tells us that an elderly couple have run up a hefty bill watching pay per view pornagraphic films. A claim which they clearly vehemently deny and intend to refute.

The bottom picture focusses on the husbands face, the insinuation here is open to interpretation as it isn't explained in the text but it allows the viewer to draw the hilarious conclusion that he has a guilty expression, perhaps he really did subscribe to those mucky movies and daren't tell his wife, unfortunately for him she has taken it to the press and now he finds himself in a sticky stiuation.
Hilarious ? That's like having a Joke Thread 3 by request only , sorry deffo not hilarious
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Or a series of tension headaches, punctuated by major crisis and a litany of misplaced decisions!
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(For those who insist on explanation, I'll give you a clue - II should have posted it a couple of days ago :))

Just for explanation (Stuart etc )... This is a real bar in Laax, Switzerland - Laax is a mountain ski resort (I used to have an office there). The local language is Romansh (a type of Latin) and the Romansh word for "mountain" is... "Cr*p", hence the bar name...

Edit: the forum software displays the word c r a p as "rubbish", so I had to put in the "*"... Also, being pedantic, the literal translation of "cr*p" to English is "stone", but locals use the same word for "mountain" - there are several dialects of Romansh. The main mountain for Laax/Flims/Falera is called Cr*p Sogn Gion
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