ID-ing this wood and suggestions for project tweaks

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26 Oct 2019
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Lexington, KY
I'd like to give this project I saw on the tubes a whirl and need some direction because there weren't any instructions included. First he makes the cuts in the second picture, then turns it 90 deg and does the same.

1) Any idea on what wood species this is?

2) Any suggestion for what other species would be good for a project like this?

3) Advice for what kind of board to look out for, grain pattern etc? or to avoid?

4) If you wonder like I did, the distance between the saw cuts varies on the piece as measured on the screen, but they seem to be about .32" apart, a shade over 5/16".

wood 1.jpg

wood 2.jpg

wood 3.jpg
Not sure of the wood but as food platters go it's not really all that practical. All those deep grooves to trap dirt. After a few attempts at cleaning its gonna look pretty sad. Just another example of woodworking to create online content.
The straps wreck the illusion to me.
Worth it for a trip to A&E, and some online shopping to fix or buy a new machine when it catches?