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That sort of smoke definitely sounds like a burned out motor. (How does smoke sound???). It might be worth contacting the manufacturer, sometimes it is possible that there was a known, low risk issue that was placed on the market. In such cases replacements can be surprisingly forthcoming. If nothing else, you will get an idea of the cost / lead time for new components, but I suspect it will probably cost more to repair than to replace.
Thanks all, for your advice.

So, I found the flip up lid for the fuse (duh!), and changed that. Not the fuse. On further investigation, one of the drive belts has broken. I've ordered a new one. Not holding out much hope TBH, but worth a try.

It's a cheap(ish) machine, and I suspect I was asking a bit much of it. I've been gifted some rough sawn oak boards by a friend. They are very old, very dry an "hard as a wh0r'e's heart" ... to quote my friend! Might need to invest in a beefier machine.
I had one of these similar benchtop machines for a while, they are all the same with minor design differences (scheppach, titan, rutlands etc). I would expect they share the same very noisy motor. I never took it apart completely so I don't know what motor is in there, but I had expected that a google search would reveal the answer however it doesn't seem anyone has documented it.

If you do happen to take it apart, if you could take a photo of the motor and any writing on the motor then we could idenfity it which would be helpful for people with similar machines should they ever need to replace one.

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