Jet afs-500 fixed

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8 Nov 2022
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South West
My father-in-law-to-be bought a Jet afs-500 a while back (like this but not from here and about 6 months ago it stopped working.

He ended up buying another air filter unit as he didn't know how to fix it. I finally got around to looking at it and found a bunch of youtube videos going through the symptoms and fixes.

In this case when you turned it on the motor would twitch but not start. I did try another capacitor on the motor but from what I've seen this isn't a symptom of a motor capacitor failure.

The board looked fine so I changed out the electrolytic capacitor (black one) and still no change. Then I watched another vid and it pointed to the big yellow 'safety' capacitor. It looked fine externally.

Bought one from ebay that matched the specs and swapped it out last night and (despite my soldering iron shorting out and blowing itself up and having to borrow my dads) it fired straight up and is working perfectly again.

The replacement capacitor cost £2.99 for 2 inc delivery!

I didn't realise that the machine cost so much until I googled a link for this post! The outer filter alone is £65 to replace!

If that hadn't worked I'd have just installed a rotary switch. But pretty pleased that its working again.