How many active turners remain in UKWorkshop ?

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Me to, still well at it - as work allows though. Custody platter.JPG
I do from time to time. if Phil produces any more pens then I am going to have to do a couple to keep him company!
Only started giving it a go in February of this year. Lots of quite boring bowls. Now having a go at segmeted stuff. couple of bowls doing that and a couple of lamps too.. one of which pushed the limits of my lathe a bit to close to the edge for my liking..

just means I need a bigger lathe ;)


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I do a bit of turning in between all the other stuff when I get a chance.
Some turning but usually as a means to make something else. Most recent thing was a 2 part mould to enable me to heat form a piece of ABS plastic to repair the shower tray in our caravan.

Can't find an emoji for bodger.