Home Lift Installation


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First floor, now boarded ready for plaster skim.
Surprised you got all those materials in the lift and still room to stand inside. 🤣
I have been through this thought process - albeit in our last house. There is no immediate need but wanted a documented costed solution before it becomes forced through circumstance.
  • stairlift - simple, quick to fit, relatively cheap, but a constant visible reminder of infirmity
  • lift - difficult for many to find ~1 sq m vertically without seriously compromising house layout - eg: lose a bedroom. A smaller issue in a larger house. More costly than stairlift.
  • convert attached double garage. Currently mostly serves as workshop but if I get to the stairlift stage the workshop may be decoration rather than useful.
On balance I went with bullet 3 - power and plumbing are easily accessible, there would be no need to go upstairs. Existing bedrooms (4) would be unused bar visitors. No changes to kitchen, dining, conservatory living room. I hope it never happens but best to be prepared!
You can add a lift to the outside of a house. We seriously considered doing this. A bit more than an internal lift.