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28 Aug 2016
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I'm updating the guttering on a rental property and was just after some opinions on the best way forwards.

At the moment there is quite a lot of water going into one gutter and just wondered if it was worth moving the fall pipe to the other end and just have it emptying onto the flat roof.

This is the gutter and downpipe being replaced

gutter 1.jpg

Currently goes into this gutter

gutter 2.jpg

But the water off here also goes into it (I will be cleaning it out)

gutter 3.jpg

And if you look closely the front of the pitched roof also empties over the lead gutter, splashing everywhere and I suspect causing damp issues.

gutter 4.jpg

Road side showing it going through wall

gutter 5.jpg

Plan is to run a fall pipe on an angle along the rendered wall to carry the water from the front of the roof rather than it just falling onto the lead gutter and somehow try and direct it into the black gutter.

I know when it rains heavy some water over shoots the black gutter, not sure if it's bad design or just volume.

Should I move the fall pipe in the first picture to the other end so it just empties onto the flat roof instead of trying to get the water from everywhere into the same point of the black gutter?

Ideas and opinions appreciated as I'm having analysis paralysis thinking about the best ways of doing it!
When reading this please bear in mind I'm an enthusiastic amateur, not a roofer.
Pic 4 wants a downpipe and shoe, I'm thinking directing the water may help keep the gully clear and will prevent splash.
Pic 2 replace the black gutter with a deeper profile if there's a lot of water coming over the edge.
Pic 1 move the downpipe inwards so it lines up with the gutter and fit the shoe to feed straight in to the deeper gutter.

Wouldn't fancy putting an angled pipe across the rendered wall, too much potential for blockages to me.
After fitting some galvanised steel guttering to my shed a few years ago I would never use plastic again.
It does not move or sag and is just nicer to work with, got mine from Rainclear systems.

I would definitely try and re-route the one thats going over the wall, I am assuming there is a reason you can`t just put a downpipe on it at the front otherwise this would be the simplest way.
The other one could go the opposite end but I would`t want it just going straight onto the flat roof.
Maybe leave it where it is but put a hopper with an offset spout or an angled section so it pours directly into the black gutter for less splashing etc.

Pipe from the high roof wants taking to the ground level gulley by whatever route is possible, without it disgorging into another gutter or on to another roof. But into a shared hopper would be OK.
Need to look at the whole plan rather than piecemeal solutions
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As long as you don’t discharge rainwater onto a neighbouring property or over a boundary then you can alter it to suit the situation. Also be careful of allowing your rainwater to to spill onto a public pavement. That long section could do with a 2nd outlet as everything seems to end up on another roof then to another .I did a repair on a gutter a while back -3 large terraced houses with only 1 outlet , gutter not installed correctly ( incorrect fall and no expansion gaps in the outlet and the connections so everything is pulling out - ‘‘twas like a bust water main which then flooded her yard and then the kitchen . Other 2 neighbours don’t want to contribute to complete new gutters as they don’t get the floods ..
I'd say that the guttering arrangement for the back of the main roof is probably perfectly OK. It looks like the flat roof has been installed reasonably well and laid to a fall - it could certainly take some additional water from roof(s) above without too much problem - as long as the flow is directed away from edges/flashings using shoes etc.

The guttering arrangement for the front of the roof is definitely not OK and needs sorting asap - there is water staining on the render on the parapet wall and the side wall of the house itself. The coping on the top of that little parapet wall needs repairing too as that in itself will let water into the wall where it can migrate down and sideways to do mischief. Also, putting any additional water into that lead valley gutter is a bad idea. The lead valley gutter looks poorly designed, with an obvious tendency to block up with leaves etc, and what looks like an inadequate upstand against the side wall of the house (needs to be at least 150mm) - who knows how far up the adjoining roof the lead goes under the tiles is anyone's guess (probably not far, so water could back up under those tiles under certain conditions).

I think your idea of a sloping pipe running along the side wall has some merit but you'd probably want another elbow at the back to direct the water downwards, with a shoe at the bottom to direct it outwards - difficult to keep a run like this free of obstruction. Is there no possibility to run a pipe vertically down the front wall to the pavement, with a shoe on (this was almost certainly the original arrangement)?
Thanks all for the advice and opinions, I got it kind of sorted today just waiting for it to rain so I can see what happens!

Unfortunately I can't run a fall pipe down the front of the property as it would just empty all over the pavement.

I thought the lead valley/gutter wasn't great which is one reason I was trying to keep the extra water off it, when I cleared all the rubbish I found it has 5 patches of flashband on it :rolleyes:. I have being trying to get the lead gutter replaced with lead or fibreglass but it's an awkward job and nobody has come back to me. It's the same with the rendered wall, it has cracks and loose patches but nobody seems interested in doing it as again it's awkward.

When I took the old gutter off the back I found the top of the fascia has a bit of rot in it, also the bottom of the felt has rotted away and the bottom tile lath is rotten.....It got a quick coat of paint, the new gutter put on and added to the list of jobs which will hopefully get done next year 🤞
At least you have seen all the issues up close and personal, and you are aware of the week spots that will eventually need attention. I don’t think you will be waiting too long for rain .. good luck 🤞

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