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As requested, a picture. I was wracking my brains trying to think how I could so you the problem and then I remembered google earth. You've probably noticed already that I could, in theory, climb out the hatch and walk along the gutter but heights and me don't get along hence the need for a long pole. The parapet wall along the front is in really bad shape too not that it's high enough to prevent a swan dive down three stories.

If you're wondering why I'm asking now it's because our house just flooded for the second time in a year! The moss built up unusually fast and then we had a hail storm which basically made an ice dam on top of it. Sigh, my advice is to never buy an old house.

Many thanks for all the suggestions 😁


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So it's the outside gutter that's causing the problem, not the one in the loft? Can you access it via a ladder then use a shaped scraper (as per screwfix link)?
+1 on copper wire to kill/reduce the moss.
Would chimney sweep rods/poles be any good for this? You’d have to figure out how to attach your scraper but they might be stiffer.
A certain auction site has second hand ones for around £20-30? Best of luck with it.
Yes, it's the outside gutter that's the problem. I've heard about the copper trick before, I'm a little concerned about staining the roof but I'll have another look though as stopping the moss would be ideal. Pretty sure chimney sweeps use the rods as used for drains, I'll check.
I doubt there'd be sufficient run-off of sulphate to stain the roof (compared to moss etc).
If it is the outside gutter, commercial gutter cleaning might be (an expensive) solution, or ladder and curved pusher (and dirty hands).
Tbh, put a downpipe on the exterior at the side. Planning officer will have to be reasonable, two instances of flooding in recent history is not conducive to preserving a listed building, and with climate change it's only going to get worse. Unless you've already asked and been told no... In which case I'd appeal!
Offer to put up a reclaimed cast iron pipe that would be age-appropriate.

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