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8 Jun 2021
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Hi all
Can anyone point me in the right direction to up grade my 80s Hatherway and Davidson chuck as per photo of existing parts.
Currently i can turn Bowls using a mortise
And am able to hold work pieces 3▪5" dia and above

I cannot use a screw chuck!

I should like to be able to

1. put a tennon on my Bowls
2. Hold timber less than 2▪5"dia
3. Use a screw chuck
Any information available would be gratefully recieved
Kind regards
Little Harry


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Just for info the company was hattersley and Davidson

Any woodworking chuck will be far better than what you have look at Rutland for cheap chucks or sorby/record/nova/axminster for higher price ones..
What lathe do you have?
Hi flh801978
thanks for the reply
My lathe is a Myford ml8 which would do all that i require with a chuck upgrade
I have looked at new chucks but dont feel that i can yustifie the expense for my hobby at this time thanks again.
Little Harry
They are a worthwhile investment though.
You could turn a wood face plate to hold in the chuck, and mount onto that your smaller stuff. Hot glue, double side tape prevents screw through the faceplate into your piece.
There are lots of old style mounting methods from before the time of modern chucks. Turning has been around a long long time. My first six months before I invested in a chuck I had to get by with a face plate and whatever I could cobble together. I found this ''Around the Woods'' site helpful.
Make Your Own Wood Turning Screw Chuck
Another great source of turning advice is this book.
Woodturning A Foundation Course (New Edition) Keith Rowley Carpentry And Joinery | eBay
You can get quite creative without a chuck it just takes more work. That said a chuck with a few sets of jaws really makes life easier. Look for deals where a chuck plus a few sets of jaws come as a package.
Morning Orraloon thanks for your coments
I do quite a lot of cobbling and actualy enjoy doing so
My problem with that is i sometimes Loose accurcy!
I shall look into your suggestions and see where that takes me
Many thanks little harry
I had a Record Power chuck that looks similar in a way to your chuck, mine had small rubber bands to hold the chuck jaw components together as far as I can remember - horrible chuck.
I suggest you follow the how to make a screw chuck as Orraloon suggests,
The screw Chuck is just held in your existing chuck jaws - I seem to remember having a screw chuck that just screwed onto the lathe spindle with the screw thread (changeable screws) protruding so it screwed into the workpiece.
Might be worth seeing if the are available to fit your thread size. What is the ML8 thread as I will have a dabble in my odd bits box to see if I can help.
Hi OkeyDokey many thanks for your reply
Ml8 has a1"x12tpi inboard
I shall follow up on Orraloon and your suggestions and certainly would appreciate any help with screw treads etc ill follow up "Around the woods "site tonight thanks again
Little Harry

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