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Sold Two Nova Chucks For Sale


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20 Aug 2008
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Two chucks for sale. They're both direct threaded for M33 x 3.5 lathes, although it would be possible to use them on other lathes via an appropriate "exert" adaptor. Both are boxed, but the boxes are a bit scuffed and dusty from being in the workshop.

First is a SuperNova 2 Pro-Tek kit including the standard 50mm jaws and a worm screw. This is the very latest version, so the chuck tightens by turning the included key clockwise. I used the jaws but the chuck itself is unused. This is £90 including UK mainland postage.

Second is Nova Titan III. Nova's biggest chuck, a 5" diameter whopper capable of handling the biggest bowls, each jaw segment is secured with three rather than two screws. Again, it's the latest version, it includes the Nova Power Jaws and is completely unused. This is £170 including UK mainland postage.

I'll sell both chucks together for £250 including UK mainland postage. But if you want to collect (south coast, mid way between Southampton and Bournemouth) I'll throw in a couple of very nice turning blanks!

Thanks for looking, any questions ask away!

SuperNova2 01.jpg

SuperNova2 02.jpg

SuperNova2 03.jpg

Titan III 01.jpg

Titan III 02.jpg

Titan III 03.jpg

Titan III 04.jpg


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