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By bwlossie
Good evening,
May I ask if you scrollers frame you pieces and if so do you make your own frames?
I have downloaded quite a few patterns and the majority of them aren’t “standard “ sizes.
I have bought some frame moulding and am able to cut to size. At the moment I am just glueing. It would be nice to be able to pin them. PIN not nail.
I have a nail gun but that’s far too heavy.
Pin guns seem to be very expensive, so what do you use?
Many thanks.
By whatknot
Whilst the pattern may not be a standard size, but if you afix it to material of a standard size it will fit a standard frame

I use second hand frames but also make a few myself, dowels, pinned, or bracketed
By loftyhermes
Why don't you resize the patterns to a standard size? I make most of my patterns 10" x 8" (250 x 200mm) with a graphics programme like Inkscape (it's free). I do this because if I frame the pattern chances are whoever buys it can if they wish at a later date easily change the frame to one that suits their decor.
By bwlossie
Thanks for the replies.
I had thought of that but as previously stated I am 80 years old and am not too hot on Inkscape. I grew up with the computer game of tennis. Two bats trying to get the ball over the net. Really am showing my age now ha ha ha.
I think possibly that is the way for me to go.
10 x 8 frames.
On the other hand is there enough depth in “bought” frames to carry a backer board?
I have been using 6mm backers.
By whatknot
Some do, some don't

I have overcome that on some by adding a corner plate on the rear made from offcuts of hardboard or 3mm ply (ie where backer and piece are flush with the rear of the frame or stand proud of it)
By whatknot
You did better than me I couldn't find the product to send a link to it ;- )

Its not an expensive kit is it
By bwlossie
Make my own frames. This is where I started off.
I have seen the Framers Corner v nail press. Is that what you are referring too?
After all these questions I suppose I had better post a picture.