Flooring options for existing workshop


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I used Costco techno floor hard rubber flooring. It doesnt look to be online, but was in 2 flavours. A grill mat (92x163), and a gym mat ( i think it was approx 2x1m). £15 and £31 respectively. It comes rolled, and they take an age to go completely flat. But they are great for moving machines around, and for saving chisel egdes!!
Also I had the same issue Tom, i needed to lay them one strip at a time, did this fairly easily. Also used contact adhesive for the more stubborn curly bits

Wow thanks all for the awesome replies and suggestions.

If I was to go all in I think I'd have to hire a container of some sorts, but I think that may end up being too expensive overall.

I imagine flooring tiles could be good if you get the correct ones, mine were fairly cheap ones from Amazon so they are quite soft, which is nice for standing on, but castors on anything remotely heavy just dig into the tiles.

I'm leaning towards the DPM, 25mm PIR, VCL then 22mm P5 chipboard approach.

I'm tempted to try the above approach with a smaller section of my workshop where my workbench is located to see how I like it before committing to doing the entire shop.
The other option is hire a Luton van with a tail lift for the weekend - easy to secure (back it up to the house ..!) and the tail lift makes it easy to load and unload. My local place has them for less than £150 for a weekend so that should be plenty of time if you want to clear the garage etc and lay SLC / flooring as the good ones go off in 3-4 hours.

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