Log Cabin Workshop 3.5m x 4.5m


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Hi @BCS1980UK looks like a cracking good workshop! Only point I'd make is in the photo you posted showing the outside painted green it looks to me as though a small portion of the over-site projects beyond the base of the timber structure - on the right and so you may get pooling of rainwater running off the side panel and this might cause damp issues.
Given that side is partly sheltered by the nearby fence panel only a small portion would be fully exposed and hence at risk, but if it was me I'd attach some felt or similar to deflect it over the side of the concrete base and cap that with some mastic just to be sure.
I does look like a nice workspace though!
Thanks @imageel
You actually read my mind, I was already searching for a solution just like that.
The new workshop is officially open!
What are the lights? Are they traditional fluro tubes or some kind of LED tube. They look rather good and bright.
What are the lights? Are they traditional fluro tubes or some kind of LED tube. They look rather good and bright.
They are Led Batten Lights by Barrina. You can find easily on Amazon. 8 x 2200lm divided in 3 groups: 4 for general light, 2 on top of the workbench and 2 on top of the 3 rolling carts on the back that work as a secondary bench. It is overkill but gives me flexibility. The working lamps are IKEA Tertial, fitted with Philips Master LEDs, which provide a CRI of 90% to correctly reproduce colors and fine details.
If I had my time again I'd have gone down that route, am sure vinyl is much kinder on dropped hand-tools!
My 4x5m workshop has a suspended floor on 12 concrete piers then house grade joists and 18mm Egger board, but then by chance I came across a guy with a warehouse full of pine shelving - he himself used to renovate pub interiors and whilst doing one in Kensington was approached by a guy from one of the museums with an offer of shelving from all their basement stores - 1inch x 6-7inch pine! So I planed it all up and tongue and grooved it and laid that with hidden nailing atop the Egger - it looked quite smart when newly laid!!
Am now selling up so lots of tools and timber will be on the for sale forum in the next few weeks