Pre machined window parts (and door frames)

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28 Feb 2015
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Corsham, Wiltshire.
I am a joiner and for some time, as well as making and fitting windows and doors, we have been running off lengths of cills and window parts for builders i know who have carpenters who then make the windows. I have also run off lengths of T & G for outdoor offices as well as picture frame mouldings. I started this when i had the opportunity to buy a wadkin spindle moulder along with over 120 cutters for a great price and wanted to get as much use out of the cutters.

I have been slowly (as always busy) organising a website to offer the parts for sale in lengths. It was after seeing those posts with horrible injuries that i thought about offering smaller runs so individuals can make their own windows without having the need to use a spindle moulder or even a table saw. I hope this does not break any rules for advertising your business, and although i need to make a profit, this is more about offering a service so individuals can do the jointing part of making a window or door frame.

I just thought i would ask if this would be of interest for anyone. I have looked around and although it is easy to buy cills and sash and parting beads, getting frame jambs and parts for sashes.

Hope this is ok to post on here. I am based near j18 of the M4 but also have an account with tufnells so could ship.


In theory it could be of some use. For repair work especially. If I need to make a couple of sashes I will normally get the cutters ground and hopefully use them again in future.
I prefer to do the scribe method rather than mitre them. So do the scribes before the moulding. But for repairs on existing work could be good.

Would be good if you had a picture with all the mouldings you can run. I am near j15 of the M4 so could be handy.

Hi Ollie

Thanks for reply. I am in the process of running off samples so will have some samples to show soon so will let you know.

I will always scribe and use mortice and tenon joints. I am lucky to have a tenoner with a scribe block. Like you, i scribe first to avoid tear out, but i have done it the other way. I have some little strips of wood that I tape to the profile with masking tape and this stops any tear out. I have done this when i have been making sash windows and know i have more to make soon so machine more than i need.

i will let you know when samples are ready to see.


I have taken photos of a few profiles which i have been using. These are pretty standard cutters, 2 differing ovolo cutters and a chamfer. I would say that a large percentage of the windows i make come from these profiles and i have the matching scribe cutters for my tenoner.


Frame jamb with mortar grooves and groove for AQ 124 weather seal.


Sash rail

Mullion with aq21 grooves


Small ovolo for sash window with 17mm x 17mm groove for mighton spring balance.

Sapele cill for window.

I will if anyone is interested post more as i get a chance. Since i picked up the extra cutters from a retiring joiner, i reckon i have only used 30% of them and it just seems a waste.


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