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By Mrs C
...... one step away from the bin.

My biscuit jointer has developed play between the body and base (it wobbles!) resulting in holes seldom ending up in the same place. I can’t find any thing to adjust.

Anyone got any suggestions before I condemn it? Is it cheap tool syndrome or am I missing something?

By woodywoodwood
You might be able to tighten it up : are there any screws that are loose?
To be honest, I have always thought that a biscuit joiner is one tool where it is sensible to pay for quality. A good biscuit joiner is only as good as it's fence.
I would bin it. But I use mine at work.
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By MikeJhn
Have a look at this exploded diagram : ... d2428.html at the top right part No 10 looks to be the bolts than hold the gearbox to the motor, they may have worked loose.

Hope this helps.
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By porker
I have an Erbauer one which looks similar and I think it is wear in the sliders with mine. If you push down on the fence on a bench top, can you move the body up and down? Mine doesn't cut perfectly perpendicular because of this as it plunges slightly uphill which is annoying. I'm debating whether to get a better one. A domino is a bit out of my price range.
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By MikeJhn
I have the Porter Cable 110v biscuit jointer and am very pleased with it, seems to come out on top of all the reviews, very accurate and easy to use, its main plus point is its fence which can be set to 135degs allowing accurate placing of the biscuits on a mitre joint.