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Part II

Finished screw thread:


Not pictured, but next I drilled a 1/2" hole through the middle.

Then I hit a snag. I intended to reverse the stock in the chuck and finish the flange, but I found there wasn't any way to fit it in the jaws (at least not safely, or at risk of damaging something). Instead I turned up a random stub into a mandrel that closely fit the 1/2" hole I'd drilled earlier:


Then the thingamabob could be mounted either way around on the mandrel, and secured with a screw and thick washer:


As an added bonus, this method also ensures that all of the outside diameters will be concentric with the bore. Not that it's important on this job.

Part III coming up......
EXACTLY my own reaction and question too Andy!

Come on Dave "thingamybob" just doesn't cut it in these "high tech" days! :D

Nice work BTW, as was your chest in another thread - accomplished metal AND woodworker eh?
By novocaine
Well that looks suspiciously like a back plate. But we shall call it a flange, because people seem to find that word funny.

Tidy bit of work that Dave.
Well in that case Dave, even if I do guess what it is, I s'pose you'd have to kill me for making it public :D
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By Bm101
DTR wrote:I've said too much already! Official Secrets Act and all that, very hush hush. I'll give you a hint though, the thread is 14tpi with an OD of 0.825".......

Thanks chaps

That's one of two parts used for connecting the rod of a Unicorns mouthing bit (that as opposed to a D ring snaffle)
It's important to deep mouth your unicorn early in training of course. Unlike horses you don't want those blighters tossing their heads at you. Dangerous game that. It's either a horn in an eye or magical unicorn mane glitter all over you best riding breeches. No one wants that, it's a pita to get out.
Ask me another. Go on. Last one was too easy.